Today is the Death Day of Nobody’s Dog

28 Jul

Today  is the death day of nobody’s dog

Today  is the death day of nobody’s dog

Nothing will mark it but a note in the  log…

I’m  faceless and nameless and no tears will fall

For I know in your world I have  no worth at all

To you, my sweet someone, I’m a friend and a dear

We ran  the wind daily and you held me so near

But the gate was left open – I chanced  a walk on my own

I’d have cowered in fear if only I’d known

I know how you  cried on the night that I strayed

I know how you searched, I know how you  prayed

But I went to a pound far far from our home

Where I crouched in  despair in my kennel alone

I know that you phoned for I heard your dear  voice

And I hoped you would hear me so I barked myself hoarse

Although I’m  a Lab cross with stockings all white

On their form I’m a Staff cross – the  description’s not right

So they said I’m not here and I sank to my bed

My  kennel cough’s worse and I can’t raise my head

The rescue came yesterday but  they hadn’t a place

For an un-neutered cross breed with his mucus-streaked  face

If only you’d come to search for me here

You would have known me at  once, you would have sensed I was near

You would have sorted my ills, you  would have carried me home

And I promise our God no more would I roam

Now  my eyes plead for mercy for my seven days are done

And I am waiting with  dread for the final vet run

No arms will caress me as they inject me to  death

No words will comfort me as I take my last breath

When the body man  comes, it is fitting I’m found

In a bin bag in the freezer in the depths of  the pound

Thrown away like the rubbish – no respect and no shame

Denied  even the time to find you again

My loyalty and devotion they did cruelly  betray

Without microchip or nametag, I am just a dispensable stray

Once  waggy-tailed, once proud, beloved and free

Oh Dad look with pain at what  mankind’s done to me!

By: Luigi-Giulietta Aero


2 Responses to “Today is the Death Day of Nobody’s Dog”

  1. Heather L Wickham September 26, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    omg i cant stop crying that just ripped my heart right out of my chest i hate people i really do

    • Notsuredomus October 6, 2011 at 1:13 am #

      Heather you and me both maybe we can file for species reassignment. Because the Karmic debt we are racking up is just to much to overcome and to cruel to ignore.

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