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Quilto (Arabian Stallion)

10 Aug

Quilto (Arabian Stallion)

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my familiar spirits. These Animal Angels have been my best friends, my protectors, my teachers, my dogs, my heart.  Teaching me the values & ethics no people ever had (save my grandmother). They taught me to know love, loyalty, devotion, courage and heart.  To know them with out limits and to have them with out condition. I would not be the person that I am today had not been blessed with those tremendous spirits.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel you by my side

and you will always SHINE INSIDE!

Quilto was my grandfathers horse and his pride and joy. When my grandpa broke his hip he had to stop working with the horses so Quilto became somewhat wild. When my grandpa passed away a few years later I began caring for Quilto. Being a stallion he had an unlimited reserve of testosterone and a very wary opinion of anyone approaching him. The first time I got into the ring with him he charged me & I charged him without hesitation he stopped stomped and snorted a few times then walked away. I had earned his respect and over the next few weeks I earned his trust and friendship. It wasn’t long before he would follow me like a puppy always hanging over my shoulder and nudging me with his nose for affection and treats. We would play a game where I would take off running across the paddock through the door to the other end of the stable and he would chase me till he had me cornered. Then I would turn towards him charging at me he would skid to a stop and I would stomp my feet and throw my arms up. He would rear up snorting and stomping his front hooves on the ground then he would gently walk up and give me a kiss and I would give him a carrot. One day after a rain we were playing this game and I slipped in the mud getting a slow start so when we went through the doorway he was only couple feet behind me. I slipped in the mud at the doorway where there was only room for one to pass and hit the ground. I was sure I would get trampled. But I didn’t and when I looked up I saw Quilto on the ground. He had thrown himself to the ground to keep from stepping on me. Quilto was a stallion and he had a stallions ego and pride but he had a gentle soul as kind and loving as I have ever known. Quilto passed away at age 34 of Colic. I spent a week while he was sick staying up all night with him getting 2 maybe 3 hours of sleep before I would have someone waking me up with those dreaded words Quilto is down again.  We finally had to put him down he was suffering so much it broke my heart when he passed away. Even today I question my decision  every choice was made with his best interest at heart and still I will always feel regret for it.