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Shila (Black Labrador retriever)

10 Aug

Shila (Black Labrador Retriever)

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my familiar spirits. These Animal Angels have been my best friends, my protectors, my teachers, my dogs, my heart.  Teaching me the values & ethics no people ever had (save my grandmother). They taught me to know love, loyalty, devotion, courage and heart.  To know them with out limits and to have them with out condition. I would not be the person that I am today had not been blessed with those tremendous spirits.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel you by my side

and you will always SHINE INSIDE!

Shila was a black lab that my mom had rescued in the San Bernardino Mountains. Shila was living with her in Redondo Beach. When I would come to visit she always heard me first and would run to the door letting out a chorus of whimpers and happy sounds. She was a mountain dog and since her and I were so close I asked if I could take her with me back to the mountains. For the next several years her and I were inseparable. She loved all the same things I loved and for the most part took care of herself. She was very smart and a good problem solver. When hiking in groups she always ran between the lead person and the last person making sure nobody got lost. She defended me and my friends on several occasions from other dogs and a sheriff or two. Her and I had the perfect symbiotic relationship. I lost her at 9yrs of age to chronic congenital kidney failure. I think of her often while hiking in the woods and backpacking, an activity we both loved and shared together. It has been nearly 2 decades since I lost Shila and I still miss her everyday.