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10 Aug

Shauna (Mountain Afghan Hound)

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my familiar spirits. These Animal Angels have been my best friends, my protectors, my teachers, my dogs, my heart.  Teaching me the values & ethics no people ever had (save my grandmother). They taught me to know love, loyalty, devotion, courage and heart.  To know them with out limits and to have them with out condition. I would not be the person that I am today had not been blessed with those tremendous spirits.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel you by my side

and you will always SHINE INSIDE!

Shauna was a Mountain Afghan Hound. She was one of our many animals we had when I was growing up. Shauna was the first dog that had ever chosen me to be loyal to above my parents (who primarily fed them). When she had pups only me and my little brother could get near them. She was very protective of our family both 2 and 4 legged. She defended our poodle (puppy) from the neighbors German Shepherd, sending him fleeing. This wasn’t the first time she had saved puppy. When he was just a pup 6-12wks old we were all sitting in the kitchen when Shauna came running by opened the sliding glass door and quickly ran towards the fish pond Shauna jumped into the water and pulled puppy from the water who could not get out himself. Shauna was a good girl with a kind heart and she was a good friend. She was the first dog that I called my own.

by: Notsuredomus