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Patton (Golden Retriever)

10 Aug

Patton (Golden Retriever)

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my familiar spirits. These Animal Angels have been my best friends, my protectors, my teachers, my dogs, my heart.  Teaching me the values & ethics no people ever had (save my grandmother). They taught me to know love, loyalty, devotion, courage and heart.  To know them with out limits and to have them with out condition. I would not be the person that I am today had not been blessed with those tremendous spirits.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel you by my side

and you will always SHINE INSIDE!

Patton was a Golden Retriever my brother rescued. When he and his wife had a baby she was concerned about having a large dog around an infant (not a dog person). Jeff (my brother) came to my place in Green Valley Lake, high in the San Bernardino National Forest and asked if I could take him. He was already a senior and I was hesitant to take Patton because of my mobile lifestyle and his age but I did anyways. I am so glad I did. Patton unlike Shila was very dependent on me but I didn’t mind. I found myself always feeling the need to get home to my boy. He would sit waiting for me. Mostly blind his head would pop up every time a car or person would approach awaiting my homecoming. When I would see him I would call to him at which time he would get up and run to greet me, his tail wagging so hard his whole body would wiggle. He would defend me at the drop of a hat and though he needed much more attention than most dogs might. I have never felt so loved as I did while Patton was alive. He passed away at 17yrs of age and I miss him every day.