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Puppy (Poodle)

10 Aug

No Photo of Puppy Survives!

This blog is dedicated in loving memory of my familiar spirits. These Animal Angels have been my best friends, my protectors, my teachers, my dogs, my heart.  Teaching me the values & ethics no people ever had (save my grandmother). They taught me to know love, loyalty, devotion, courage and heart.  To know them with out limits and to have them with out condition. I would not be the person that I am today had not been blessed with those tremendous spirits.

When I close my eyes, I can still feel you by my side

and you will always SHINE INSIDE!

Puppy was a poodle we had when I was just a boy. The same one Shauna pulled out of the fish pond and rescued from the German shepherd. Puppy on top of loving to play fetch had the strongest maternal instinct I have ever known. When there was a baby around (no matter what species) Puppy saw it as his job to protect them and when the mom would leave the infant/litter puppy would get up and lay down with them. Trying to nurse litters of kittens, puppies, birds even the young of the wild pets we called night animals which consisted of a family of skunk, raccoon and possum. He even helped birth 2 litters of kittens and raised a 3rd litter abandoned by the natural mom. So when I think of mothers I will always think of the little male poodle as the best mom ever.